We, at the The Clothes Rack, want to make hiring our items as stress free as possible.

However, we need to have terms and conditions so we are all covered for any issues that’s may occur.


The first thing we all think of, is what if I damage the itemAccidents happen, we understand that.  If the item is damaged:

  • Please DON’T try to fix the damage
  • Let us know if there is damage to the item by email as soon as possible
  • A fee may apply for damage
  • A minimum of $30 fee for extra dry cleaning
  • A minimum of $30 fee for minor repairs – ie hem damage, zip repairs, strap repairs
  • The full RRP is payable if the item is damaged beyond repair and cannot be used again.
  • (The RRP is noted in the description of the item)
  • If the damage is such that the item can’t be repaired in time for a following hire you may be required to cover that hire fee also (we assure you we will endeavour to repair the item quickly to avoid this happening)
  • We ask that you:
  • Don’t spray perfume or body spray directly on the item
  • Be aware of jewellery or purses that may create pulls on the item
  • Be aware of fake tan transferring onto the item

Booking Items

  • Items may be booked several months in advance.
  • Items are available in order of application and confirmation.
  • Items may become unavailable for hire due to loss or irreparable damage
  • To secure your booking, full payment is required at the time of booking
  • Should the item become unavailable due to loss or damage you will be reimbursed the full amount
  • Payment includes the cost of dry cleaning upon return
  • Payment includes cost of postage (delivery and return)


  • Should you wish to cancel your booking
  • Items may be cancelled up to one week out from the booking
  • Items cancelled over one week before the booking may receive a refund or site credit, this will be at the discretion of The Clothes Rack
  • Cancellation within one week of the booking, we cannot guarantee a refund or credit

Refunds and Site Credits

  • Refunds or a site credit may be given for:
  • Delay of delivery of the item beyond our control
  • The item is unavailable due to unexpected circumstances (ie, damage, late or non return of the item by a previous hire)
  • Refunds will not be given for
  • Late cancellations or returns due to a change of mind, dislike of the item, or ill fitting of the item. A site credit or exchange of item may be considered if possible, at the discretion of The Clothes Rack
  • The item not arriving on time if booked within 48 hours of your event
  • Tags have been removed


  • Whilst we will endeavour to get the item to you in time for your event, at times this may be out of our control
  • Allow at least 48 hours for delivery
  • Saturday delivery will be extra cost
  • We reserve the right to not refund any costs for items that have not arrived in time for your event, if it is out of our control.
  • If the item doesn’t arrive in time, we will investigate the reasons for this and will then determine if a refund or site credit will be given, this will be on each individual instance
  • Should a delivery be lost in transit by the Courier company we will offer another item, if possible, however we cannot give an exact replacement due to limited stock. If preferred we will issue a refund or site credit.


  • On receipt of your item you will notice a tag is attached.
  • Check the item for any flaws
  • If you are not happy with the item for any reason please contact The Clothes Rack immediately
  • Do not try to fix any flaws yourself
  • Once the tag is removed it is considered that the item is satisfactory
  • If there are any issues after the tag is removed it is at the discretion of The Clothes Rack as to whether a refund or site credit is given


  • Put the item in the pre paid addressed bag supplied, on the first business day after your occasion Drop it over the counter at your nearest NZ Post Shop by 4pm.
  • If return of the item is delayed by the hirer, you may be charged:
  • An extra $10.00 per day of overdue return
  • Cost of a following hire