how to rent

Frequently Asked Questions

You choose the garment you wish to rent and check it is available for hire when you require it. You pay by direct deposit or Paypal, we send you the item. You try it on, decide you are happy with it, remove the tag – if you’re not happy do not remove the tag and contact us immediately, you may or may not get a refund or credit, at the discretion of The Clothes Rack. (View Terms & Conditions). Keep the bag the item arrives in. Wear the garment, look and feel fabulous then simply turn the bag inside out, seal it and return by dropping it off at your post office on the first business day after your event.

Don’t do anything. Let us know as soon as possible, send the garment back to us and we will sort it. Should the damage be such that its impossible to repair you may be charged replacement (RRP) or if the item has been booked and cant possibly be repaired in time, you may be charged the cost of that rental

Shipping is free. We include this in the price of the hire, so there are no extra costs on top of your hire fee.

Ideally allow 2 days for delivery. We will do everything in our power to get the garment to you on time, however we cant be responsible for delays that are out of our hands (ie parcel lost in transit by courier).

Return of the garment must be on the next business day.

Turn the package your garment arrived in, inside out, put the garment in the bag and take it to your nearest post office.

You will see a tag on the garment, leave it on there until you’ve tried on the garment and you are happy with the fit, and the look. Once this tag is removed you have agreed that you are happy with the garment. If you feel it’s not suitable for any reason, let us know immediately. You may or may not get a refund or credit, at the discretion of The Clothes Rack. (See Terms & Conditions)

The start and finish dates are the date you intend to wear the item, simply select the date of your event and we will allow time for delivery, return and cleaning.

Yes, they are. If the garment is particularly dirty or need repair you may be liable to pay for a following hire, if it cannot be cleaned in time

We use reusable bags for delivery and return. We use Courier Post for convenience of returning it, simply drop it off at your nearest Post Office.

No. We have a small shop, where you are welcome to come and look at the clothes we have and try on. Just book a time with us

Email, text or phone us to book a time to come into our shop to look at our clothes and try on

Sets are a top and bottom combo. You’ll see we’ve combined a top and bottom (skirt or trousers) so you can hire the outfit for one hire price.

Unfortunately no, these will be hired as a combo