who we are

About The Clothes Rack


We are based in Taupo and have set up a small area where we display our clothes racks. Local girls and ladies (and anyone who wants to travel) are welcome to come and have a look at our clothing and try on, to see what you like and what looks great. Who knows, you may come out with a whole new look.

Our Clothing

Our items are high end, designer clothes that may be out of the budget to buy but in the budget to hire.
We also have more affordable options, the budget may not stretch to hire the more expensive items, but that’s no reason to miss out. You can still look a million dollars for very little.


We want to support and promote NZ designers, we have Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper, Pia and Milly Black. We also have Moochi clothing, Lonely, Stolen Girlfriends plus items from JJ’s House, TwoSisters, even a Pierre Cardin jacket and a dress from Corsica.


Not everyone is the perfect size 10 or smaller and we understand and empathise with the challenges older women and plus sizes have when finding clothes that look great, are flattering and affordable. We have options and of course as your confidence grows in hiring our items, our clothes racks will expand too.

About us

Have you ever spent time searching for that perfect outfit, paid a fortune for it, worn it once and then have it hanging in the wardrobe, never to be worn again? We have! And this is where we can help you find the perfect outfit for a small cost, you order it, you wear it, look fabulous and you just send it back to us, so it can be worn by another beautiful woman in that same situation.

The Clothes Rack girls are two sisters who love shopping and love clothes so that is what we do – we shop for clothes and you benefit.
We have a selection of clothing to suit all ages, body sizes, shapes and for many occasions. We are starting out small but have huge ambition to continually add to our clothing racks. We hope to give an array of women the opportunity to feel fab, confident, and beautiful without trying multiple outfits to find that perfect look, going to the expense of buying, we will do all that for you.

We want you to enjoy your clothing, take a chance on a new look without the expense of buying and look and feel fab!